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Raising My Litters
Benelli on Snider with her litter of puppies

       All my puppies are born and nurtured in my home. After their birthing, they are in constant contact with humans. Being handled all over, smelling strange scents, and hearing odd noises are all normal occurrences in their new life. Socialization is vital to a puppy's upbringing. That is why all my puppies are around children, farm animals, loud equipment, different dogs from my kennel, and different surfaces such as: sand, playground equipment, stairs, stone, plastic, gravel, etc. Living as a part of my family is the perfect way to prepare them for yours.


         The litter is dewormed at 2, 4, 6, and 8 weeks of age with the proper dosage of probiotics following the dewormer treatment. Also, they are given their first two sets of shots at 6 and 9 weeks (if they are still in my care) per the directions of my veterinarian.


      The litter stays in their whelping box until around 3-4 weeks at which time they will be moved to the outside kennel (weather permitting). At 4 weeks old the litter is weaned from their mother to a high quality kibble. The litter still stays with their mother the majority of the time though.

       Once the litter is outside, then the adventures begin. With hiking, playing tug, playing in the water hose, and playing with the kids, their life is full of new situations.


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