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My Dogs

Before being a working dog, my dogs are solid dogs. Solid nerves and a solid, healthy body are an integral part of having a long, happy life with your companion. That is why my dogs trial through IPO (or an equivalent organization) and are health tested. IPO is simply a test for the nerves and working ability, and OFA is a test for the health.

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The Intent

Welcome to my kennel! My name is Angel Snider and I am a hobby breeder of working-line German Shepherds with a focus on West-German bloodlines. My goal is to breed dogs that excel in sport, service work, and as active companions. Therefore, my aim is to produce dogs that have excellent nerve, strong desire to please, and the necessary drive for their work. In addition, all of my breeding stock has OFA certified hips and elbows (or the SV equivalent).





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